I love creating the music and the text of my passages but, of course, my best achievements were with the cooperation of other authors. They are about 60 passages composed and registered in SIAE with Fabio Colombo, singer and excellent top-liner. NEW YORK is a CD composed by 13 songs of which, for now, we can just let you listen to a demo while waiting (and hoping) for an independent publication of this project.

With this words Fabio gives a reading key for the CD.

The choice of having no central sound for the disc has been an excellent prompt to play with sonority. INTO THE NIGHT TIME is a quiet and reassuring opening, like the sound of a beginning voyage. The introduction of THE HUSTLER leaves then place to the rock atmosphere of the passage. INTERSECTION calms down the hearts and bursts into with his melancholy always maintaining a lively pace. PARK AVENUE is a reggae-like passage that gives joy again to this sound travel with a nice intersection of triple voices. We can say that this is the first part of the CD, a colorful and carnival-like assembly of sounds and atmospheres. 

The second part is more concise and it starts with SCENT OF THE NIGHT, that has the sensual air of a jazz, very slow to give the idea of night. UPPER EAST SIDE and UPPER WEST SIDE are two complementary songs, almost folk, almost acoustic in some parts and the sounds like the nucleus of the disc, a suspension to what will happen. RAINSTORMING closes the jazz bracket (opened with SCENT OF THE NIGHT and that included as a chest the two UPPER) and again it is mellow and nocturnal, as a dream of four songs in the middle of real life.

The last part of the disc is the darkest and most incisive one and it opens with LOST OUTSIDE NEW YORK, the best passage for melody and writing. It is as if the disc wakes up again from the torpidity of a dream. YOU FELL IN MY HANDS lightens the tension but maintains the speech alive, inserting a nice play of arcs and melody in the end. AMERICANDROME is apparently grim for his violins that performs a nice solo and it is a passage that remembers an hallucination, the distorted and dreamlike sound or a nighttime fantasy. SURVIVAL RUN is the unleashing of every previously suppressed tension (even more than the composed tension of LOST OUTSIDE NEW YORK). Guitars, high notes and apocalyptic atmospheres that lead to heart reconciliation, ending and easy listening of SEVERANCE that closes up the disc with a very nice melody.

So the disc goes on with a leit motiv but it splits into three parts. The first is colorful and with a lot of sounds, the second more acoustic jazz and the third as the first one but more rock. What comes out is an homogenous disc in the second part, while diversified in the others. The idea to place THE HUSTLER, LOST OUTSIDE NEW YORK and SURVIVAL RUN afar one another is good because it doesn’t put together the three melodies with the risk of making them interchangeable. INTO THE NIGHT TIME that opens and SEVERANCE that closes are like two Chinese boxes, very similar, that contains all the rest. The two slow mournful INTERSECTION and YOU FELL IN MY HANDS are at the right distance and they paint the disc with fall atmospheres and they fit well in the proceeding.

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

Performers and interpreters
Fabio Colombo: vocal
Ambrogio Riva: piano, keyboards
Mauro Lamanna: bass, guitars
Francesco Mazza: drums

CD_New_York 1_Into_the_Night_Time  2_The_Hustler  3_Intersection  4_Park_Avenue  5_Scent_of_the_Night  6_Upper_East_Side  7_Upper_West_Side  8_Rainstorming  9_Lost_Oustide_New_York  10_You_Fell_in_My_Hands  11_Americandrome  12_Survival_Run  13_Severance