The Hustler

THE HUSTLER demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

Sneak a glance at the wind
Bitter man we’re taking off
Without a cigarette break

Dozing over the sea
I can feel your heart of stone
Is just missing a beat

All the dreams of my life
Run above a wing of steel
And I’m bound on my seat

Saturday the fever is the
Way I want to feel it
All the warriors have branded the tiles

Little train just bring me
Everywhere it could be thrilling
Shoot me bullet proof uptown on the lines

Saturday I’m coming
Little vintage world atomic
Let me shout out from my lungs I’m alive

Do I really believe
Do I feel myself like dead
And my spirit has flown

You’re the star on tv
You’re the sunlight in my mind
You’re the hope that is grown

Now I follow the trail
Every corner is an aim
For my quivering eyes

Thought I had to run fast
But I’m strolling as my lunch
Could expect me for years

Nothing is what it seems
Everything just tastes better
Than the dreams I’ve ever deeply dreamed

Give me give me give me give me
Tickets for the city
And a comfort zone to go through the night

Leave me leave me leave me leave me
Standing and then reeling
Leave me clean and sober
Dazed and bright

Do you really feel it and
Do you really dig in
Little juicy dame
I’m taking my bite

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