Songs are the breath of my soul, they tell stories and emotions. They are like sailing ships in search of an island on which to land or swallows in search of a nest. I wish my songs become also yours, and I need someone to adopt and protect them, treating them with care and respect.

On this site I have made available the texts and instrumental bases of my unpublished passages: if you like any song I am pleased to entrust it to you to perform it in this version or following your own arrangement, live or singing it over an arrangement with the only constraint of respecting my copyright.

Hey Daddy
Memory and regret, how much sadness and melancholy in this greeting.

And I Think of You
This is an autobiographical song and I find myself on the banks of a lake while imagining a turning point in my life that never happened.

Your Name
One near the another and yet too far apart.

It Wasn’t Yesterday
Time goes by quickly with the loved one.