This is a collection of 9 lyrics for soprano or tenor. Texts and original bases in different instrumentations are also available. Amore Vero (True Love) is a hymn to Love. Ti Adorerò (I Will Venerate You) is maybe the best passage and it is the farewell of a father to his ill daughter. Soli (Alone) is a structured passage which alternate impetuosity and sweetness, mirroring in the nature forces our inner feelings. Persa (Lost) is the story of a soldier who comes back from the war to find that his love is lost forever. Dio dei Padri Nostri (God of Our Fathers) is a prayer and it is my version of Lord’s Prayer. A Te (To You) is a passage composed in honor of my oncle Emilio, the memory of the joy of life and and of his good heart. Nuvole (Clouds) is a mountain song, see also this version in choir section. Gemme del tuo cuore (Gems of Your Heart) is an unrequited love toward an angel here on the heart. It is what we feel in vain for the person we desire. Aspersa Brina (Sprinkled Frost) is dedicated to Sabrina Lavecchia creator of a music school in Lecco.

Music and lyrics by Ambrogio Riva

Performers and interpreters
anonymous: soprano
anonymous: violins
Ambrogio Riva: piano strings
Mauro Lamanna: bass
Francesco Mazza: drums, timpani, cymbals

CD_LIRICA  1_Aspersa_Brina  2_Nuvole  3_Ti_Adorerò  4_Amore_Vero  5_Persa  6_A_Te  7_Gemme_del_Tuo_Cuore  8_Dio_dei_Padri_Nostri  9_Soli