Vocal Booth



I love singers and I love a good voice because singing is the art actually able to communicate emotions as well as thoughts and words.

To record my singers I have always had to organize in my bedroom with movable panels (mats of mineral wool wrapped in plastic bags) that required almost two hours for the assembly / disassembly.

Now that my daughter is working in Rome I am free to place in her room a “hidden” building and in this article I want to gather useful details for whoever was in the same situation.

This is the corner at my disposal, the size is about 60×150 cm and it is a recess in a wall within which I want to place all the material. Of course, any wall or corner can be equally fine.

The project involves the construction of a wood frame (to avoid resonances) with a “book” opening in which I put the insulating material.

To separate the frames from the wall I bought two pillars fixed to the wall with metal angle brackets and fischers and on which hinges for opening at 90° as a normal doors will be positioned.

The frames have been custom-made for the positioning of 4 panels of high density and high thickness (about 50 + 50 mm) glass wool / rock wool. Wooden strips ensure stability without any danger of resonance.

The same treatment was carried out on the wall between the2 small pillars, by putting some strips for distancing the insulation from the wall, allowing air circulation in order to avoid any condensation and mold formation.

On three interior sides I placed acoustic pyramid panels to improve the appearance as well as an extra precaution to prevent the dispersion of rock-wool dust in the environment.

On the visible side I have envisaged the installation of a heavy cloth with a beautiful drawing to give the environment a pleasant look while recording and panels remain closed.

I also proceeded to realize a light point, a light music stand and a supporting surface for the water which should be always at singers disposal. The most professional ones may also include a video and a lighted button alerting when recording is active.

There is still some work to do before recording: place a heavy carpet on the floor and assemble the rod with the microphone and the antipop filter.

To avoid any recess and isolate any external noise I have envisaged a pre-shaped insulating panel cabinet to be placed above the singer that would also allow me to block the 2 frames at 90°.

Finally, again to prevent any recess (really insidious behind the singer), a tent in heavy fabric on a sliding rod hinged on one side that is easily fixed on the panel has been envisaged.