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Pictures of stillness, finally this “Sunflower” will not be alone. Music and lyrics by Ambrogio Riva. Download [7,1 MB] Choral music SATB audio demo and sheet music in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Italian)

In my hands
I find a blade
of green grass
and in my eyelashes
I discover there is
your light full
Peace and rest
in this oasis
a few moments
of relaxation
in the ocean
of haste.
And those memories
sad emerge slow
sometimes among
the lazy waves slow
of my thoughts
old Among
prayers my pleas.
Stay with me
in this mirage
do not go far away !
Now that maybe
again I have found
I hope my notebooks
white of You
they tell me glad.
After years of silence
they quickly write
down your name
I have never
forgotten You.
Sun ! sunflower
sunflower Sun !