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It is sweet to wake up at the side of your love. Music and lyrics by Ambrogio Riva. Download [6,6 MB] Choral music SATB audio demo and sheet music in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Italian)

Of a long sleep
I feel the torment
like a long way
towards the border
of the words
that take me to You.
You are my anchor
when I wake up
You are the dawn
after the sunset
of hopes in vain
expected of a future
which is already spent.
My shadows
lengthen their stride,
they mark nets streaked
with blood in an even
more deafening silence
than the joyful shouts
down in the square:
Hurry up, run,
run be quick !
This is my thought
for those who
could marry me!
Soon it will be
the time is the time
Awakening will come.