A New Life

Musical available also in Italian and Spanish sung versions.


Version with arrangement, mix and master by Mauro Lamanna link to Youtube playlist download ebook [990 kB] and the instrumental version [105 MB]

The musical “A New Life” was born by chance, extemporizing on the piano 13 passages on the same rhythm. Then I imagined that there passages would be suitable for a musical and I built a story. It takes place in Milan where Antonio, a boy coming from Naples looking  for a job, meets Fiammetta (it’s a love story) and a group of marginalized boys, disheartened up to the point that they want to organize a robbery in a bank (it’s a story of social bother). The last coral passages are an encouragement to faith (it’s also a religious story) and to believe in ourselves, as individuals and as part of a single human kind. I attach the demo versions in different languages (English, Spanish and Italian) and, for those who want to play it live, I make available the original bases in two versions of different mixing.

Music and lyrics by Ambrogio Riva

Main characters:
ANTONIO: from Naples, looking  for a job in Milan
FIAMMETTA: clerk with red hair
LUISA e VINCENZO: Fiammetta’s friends
FRANCESCO: boss of a group of guys
MICHELA: Francesco’s girlfriend

Luca Rigamonti: Antonio
Vanessa Ticozzi: Fiammetta
Gabriele Panzeri: Francesco
Eva Gilardi: Luisa, Michela
anonymous: Vincenzo

Version with arrangement by Ambrogio Riva
Ambrogio Riva: piano, keyboards
Mauro Lamanna: bass, guitars
Francesco Mazza: drums
download master [106 MB] instrumental version1 [106 MB] – version2 [106 MB]