My Father

demo midi     

piano improvisation     


The song in memory of my father a year after his death. I remember his honesty of mind, his intelligence and his attention to the events of sport and political life. Music and lyrics by Ambrogio Riva. Download [6,3 MB] Choral music SATB audio demo and sheet music in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Italian)

I’ll love You
as it’s impossible
to love
I won’t
distinguish your
Heart from mine
they will beat
in unison
together they’ll
these icy limbs.
As far as the light
can arrive
I’ll be there
waiting for You.
My thoughts
will sail the soul
to accompany You
in your awakening.
I’ll ascend above
the highest clouds
my feet will be like
those of an Angel.
Because I’ve never
doubted your words
and for You I have
always had the respect
that every child should
have for his Father.
I’ll quench every
your thirst for knowledge
and listen to your words
before hearing them.
See you soon, daddy.