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This song is dedicated to a friend I met at the church club. Moreno Locatelli, voluntary of the Blessed Peacemakers, died in Sarajevo while he was putting a wreath on the bridge Vrbanja – site of the first two civilian victims of the war – as a symbolic gesture in the hope that the two conflicting parties would reach an agreement. Engaged in activities in support of the population, especially people who were alone, sick and elderly by handing out food and letters coming up with the Italian and international convoys and humanitarian flights, has always been consistent with his own choices without ever compromising. The song was inspired by the texts of Moreno and was composed at the table in 1995 for soprano, cello and speaking voices. You can download a ZIP file [7,1 MB] to which I attach a score and audio demos.

Love is never, NEVER easy!
It’s a verb that cannot
tell you what to do.
When, in our hearts,
life is born again within
us she will come, true good.
You have to start this way
again if you believe it true,
if you want to BECOME A MAN!
Describing what holds hope.
Sufferings and sorrows,
plaintive misunderstandings:
rancor and hatred between
us can destroy this great Love!
To true brotherhood Jesus calls us.
You’ll be the way!
Here you fear nothing but vanity,
You’ll fly plowing through
green meadows, rivers and seas:
to get to the infinite
in the body you must suffer:
joy is sorrow.