I would be pleased if YOU can find something useful herein: a musical in English, Spanish and Italian along with original texts and instrumental bases in two different arrangements in case you decide to play it live with your friends; the instrumental bases of my songs to allow you to promote yourself by singing unpublished tracks; a collection of 9 lyrics for Soprano or Tenor with arrangements and scores to train at home or play them in concert; compositions for choir SATB; a musical story in English, Spanish and Italian you can read and listen to along with arrangements and texts is case you’d like to transform it into a theatrical show; my harmony manual with examples of exercises for each of the 35 lessons; a collection of poems on the background of my wife’s works with desiccated flowers and a couple of scripts. Last but not least there are some co-operations like New York in English with Fabio Colombo, musical arrangements by Luca Rigamonti and The Gift of Tomorrow a passage in Italian born with the aim of collecting funds for Emilia earthquake victims. Here you can find my presentation and this is my Youtube channel.