Survival Run

SURVIVAL RUN demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

It’s the prime
Of my life
And I’m wrapped up
By your rope
All these years
I have seen sleeping banks
In the velvet
It’s the time
Of my life
And I had kisses
Better than this begging
All around
I can find
Everything better than
The words I’m stuck with
I’m on fire I’m on fire
I’m the electric light
above the city tonight
so bright, shine so bright
everything feels so weak
in the presence of me
this game
all this game
comes to an end
it’s the time
for the rise
crumbles of daylight
in the open wide
on fire, I’m on fire
I’m the magnetic light
Around the city tonight
I run to survive
I run to survive

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