INTERSECTION demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

The water men bow out
I’m taking flight now
A bunch of miles then
I’m joining you again
The footprints blur on
The summer carpet behind my eyes
A coin to wish for
A perfect marvel
My reward for all the tears
of my earlier days
I had the dream to see America
And now I’m bolting on September
In stars and stripes
I had the dream of a beloved one
The one who’s barely enchanted
By the skyline
Now all my days lead to your name
I will find it shining in my empty frames
Take my hand close your eyes and feel
How is sour and sweet to take another year
To be everything we need from me and you
The last one look down in the avenue
Who knows I’ll be coming home
You’ll probably u-turn
Here all is lived so
Let’s take our share of
Is written in the
Dead living buildings
In leaves and mist on a bench at night
On every floor tile
We’re always stranger
Our time in the world seems weak
Sometimes rises in the lights
Of the harbour
Sometimes it leaves me alone
and I want you back
I want you take my smoke and turn it into
A chain that ties our necks like swans in love
A rope through our bones to seal
And look me again with your eyes
Of everlasting daze
Confess you loved each single day
And take me to our bed unmade
Take me high again

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