Lost Outside New York

LOST OUTSIDE NEW YORK demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

How would I do without an
Hour of selfish brightness
How would I take back minutes
To make it clear that I am
Lost in you
How would I take my words and
crush them into the door mat
how would I read your eyes and
read them within my eyes and
fall into
how could I bring back flavours
how could I change the questions
wish I could live like I wanted to live
from the time of the snow
till the daylight I’m
lost outside New York
close to a string that rises with the wind
lost outside New York
close to something I never dared to live
I have dreams and sparks to light up the waves
I have fuel and will to take you anywhere
Lost outside New York
I’m where I never dared to sleep
This is just the hidden nest
I never wanted to reveal

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