AMERICANDROME demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

Water soaks
A drink a drag
From the eastern tiles
To the border down
You guys and dolls
A butt in stars
A lip in stripes
You’re invited here
in the greatest night
To date
You are welcomed
To the greatest night to date
You are welcomed
To the brightest night to date
Have a kiss with me
Have a sparkling glass
Little gasoline
Burning down the house
You are welcomed
You won’t leave it anymore
You are welcomed to the floor
Have a drink with her
Mr. Joe was here
In his underwear
With his underneath
Dancers and vampires
The new batch is pitch blood tonight
You are welcomed….
In a subway run
On the Brooklyn bridge
In the mirror balls
No more missing links

Every hour a year
And suburbia moves
To the core of life
To my fingertips

Little sweetie Joe
Won’t you bring me home
Can you ride with me
Till the break of dawn

Would you boogie girl
Come and stick your mouth
On a subway run
Bolting from the south

CD_New_York 1_Into_the_Night_Time  2_The_Hustler  3_Intersection  4_Park_Avenue  5_Scent_of_the_Night  6_Upper_East_Side  7_Upper_West_Side  8_Rainstorming  9_Lost_Oustide_New_York  10_You_Fell_in_My_Hands  11_Americandrome  12_Survival_Run  13_Severance