You Fell in My Hands

YOU FELL IN MY HANDS demo 90 sec     

Lyric: Fabio Colombo
Music: Ambrogio Riva and Fabio Colombo

I know what I want
And that’s what I’m in
I know it’s not right
I feel it inside
Compelled to your will
However I’m fine
However adrift

I feared to escape
To somewhere unknown
I did it for love
To let it grow more
I pleased your commands
I find myself white
Deprived of my needs

It’s peaceful like sleep
The moment we left
The store you
Were afraid to pee
A coffee to rest
A date with the past
My coin that unravels
Songs and dreams
Now sixties are back
On tables and aprons
On the boys who sway their hips
Now how could you be hard again?

I wake up in the morning
And carry the trash
Out to the dust bin
And someday I’ll tell
How I loved so deep
Right in the place where
The stardom have passed

I look up at the map
The way down to Brooklyn
And suddenly fancy
Is someone is dressed
Up in black and white
Like seventies trails
That jump in these days

Now everything’s clear
If world is a balance running
Reckless on a thread
You fell in my head
You fell in my hands
You fell in myself
If world is a measure where the core of beauty
Rises with the summer tide and lands
You fell in my head
You fell in my hands
You fell in myself
You fell in my hands then

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