You can download the collection of all 18 songs in the english versions [1,2 MB] in spanish [1,3 MB] and Italian [1,1 MB]. For each track then I recorded a piano improvisation that I have attached to individual pieces and collected in the piano section

A chorus is a set of voices, emotions and feelings. It summarizes the direction of the union, but at the same time each voice has its own individuality. Ultimately, it is the ideal meeting where everyone helps to enrich a common project with his own personality. I decided to gather my songs for choir in this section.

The first I wrote were Clouds, Mater (Hail Mary) and In the Sky. In August 2014 I wrote another 15 songs for SATB choir: In Your Love, Flying Eeagle, The Source, The Tree, To Victoria, Water, Awakening, Biker (to my brother Angelo) Friend Death, Night Falls Down, Edelweiss, Sunflower, July, Dancing Light and My Father (in memory of my Father)