Upper East Side

UPPER EAST SIDE demo 90 sec     

Texto: Fabio Colombo
Música: Ambrogio Riva y Fabio Colombo

When I’ll be home
I know I’ll dreaming
About a field lost
In the misbelieving
Now I am thinking
Of a heart that’s breaking
When I’ll be grown
I will dream about you
Telephone poles
Pumpkins and a candy
Everything I’ll never own
I’ll make just mine
To recover
In the time of losing
One of them and
One of the last boys that
Raise on the avenue
Why do I walk with you?
I want you to disappear
In the blue
I can wear the
Things you cannot bear now
I can smoke my
Cigarette in peace while
I feel the marks that
Chris and Debbie left
When music spoke louder
Than the words you scream at
Night riding on a grudge
Do you feel the crave to judge?
I just want you to dissolve
In the blue

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