Your Name

Musica e testo di  Ambrogio Riva
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One near the another and yet too far apart.

You’ve never been here
Only one day, with me
your voice
empty resounds in these rooms
But your name I will cry
I will be a bastion to your walls

(spoken) stay beside me, do not leave me
Don’t you remember me?

(sung) Those games together
your steps to the altar
your madness
it really stopped our love
not for a son and your grandchildren
not for the house and not for our friends
but if you want to resist

(spoken) I will stay with you, I will be by your side
I will be patient and I will endure, the hours and minutes,
the days and years that will come

(sung) But your name I will cry
I’ll be a bastion to your walls

(spoken) again I will hold your hand
I will protect you from all danger
forever I will be by your side

(sung) I’ll get lost with you
to gain your smile
never leave me
I’ll wait for you
With you, in your arms…
In line with you
your shadow I will be
Never cry