And I Think of You

Musica e testo di  Ambrogio Riva
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This is an autobiographical song and I find myself on the banks of a lake while imagining a turning point in my life that never happened. Autumn melancholy surrounds this whole song.

(performed) I remember the house by the lake
I see again the place where
we spent our youth together
and tears roll down my cheeks
thinking about the games
we used to play as children
the snacks we ate together in a field
I see again my dearest places
and think about when you were
my first and young love
A time that won’t come back
a time so far right now
so bright in my memory
as it was yesterday

(sung) I don’t think we could talk about love,
I don’t think we could talk about love!
Don’t tell me
where I failed
maybe it was better
lltting you go away
I don’t know how it would have been
our future and our sons
a house to come back
the evening, after work
to stay together
days and days
to sleep together
hugging you
but what happened
will not come again
and it’s strange this memory
I have of you
But what happened between us
won’t come any more so strange….